Special Operations

Lance Toland has been engaged in Research and Development Aviation Insurance starting with the first US civilian 8130 certified MiG 15 and MiG 21 Jets in the early eighties conducting Mach 1+ aggressor profiles on US, Canadian and NATO Naval surface targets. Not to mention having flown over 40 military jets and transports in post-production test flying himself.

Today, we continue to provide unique insurance services for an interesting array of customers. Our long tenured experience in this highly specialized niche of Aviation Insurance allows our clients access to secure domestic and foreign underwriting sources with minimum exchanges of sensitive information.

With clients currently conducting CONUS and OCONUS operations supporting Maritime Patrol, Police Drug interdiction Surveillance, Target Towing, Military Radar High Speed intercepts and Aerial Refueling, using Transport Category Aircraft, as well as experimental ROV applications, you should consider a confidential conference with Lance Toland Associates to facilitate your special operations needs. We also provide drone insurance for civilian use.